Brisbane Building Disputes

The Law Firm Lawyers Qld Pty Ltd are Building and Construction Law experts. We act for Builders, Sub Contractors, Trade Suppliers, Body Corporates and homeowners. If you are caught up in a Brisbane Building Dispute call us on 07 30365233 for expert legal advice.

As one of Queensland's leading Building and Construction Law Firms Lawyers Qld have been representing Brisbane clients in building disputes for many years, in fact we have represented clients in building disputes well before QCAT existed and we appear in Building Disputes in the Queensland Magistrates Court, District Court and the Supreme Court.

Brisbane building and construction disputes can be about defective building work, failure to pay progress payments, building contract variations, building work just taking too long to complete or disputes about the price or scope of the works to be performed under the building contract.

The reason that Brisbane building disputes occur is typically quite straightforward and can be attributed to (a) Breakdown in communication between the contractor and the homeowner (b) Complicated or poorly drafted building contracts (c) No building contract at all (d) One of the parties is simply being unreasonable.

We call these issues the "root cause of the dispute". When you start narrowing the issues down to the root causes the way to resolution of the domestic building dispute becomes much clearer.

The key to resolution is effective communication

It is essential that a line of communication be established even if the other side is being unreasonable. This is because their unreasonableness must be properly documented so that you can later prove to QCAT or a Court that the other side have been obstructive or unreasonable.

We can be your line of communication to the other side. We have the knowledge and experience to write the letters that will state your position and the position at law clearly. We will create the paper trail to help you demonstrate that you have tried to be reasonable.

We can advise you on your rights and obligations under your building contract and how the contract will ultimately influence Court Proceedings.

Don't start or continue fights that you can't win. If you don't completely understand all of the provisions of the building contract it is essential that you have Lawyers Qld explain to you exactly how the contract sets out your legal rights and responsibilities.

Often the success or failure of litigation associated with the building dispute is predetermined by your building contract. The Courts will ultimately enforce the provisions of the building contract. Building contracts can be very technical and complicated meaning that sometimes neither side really understands who is right or wrong until it is too late.

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Going to Court or QCAT

A Brisbane building dispute hearing can take place in QCAT or one of the Queensland Court, Typically the Brisbane Magistrates Court or the Brisbane District Court.

If you are self-represented you will have to provide opening submissions then the witnesses (including you) will give evidence under oath and be cross examined. Various documents and evidence has to be formally tendered for consideration. When the oral evidence has been heard usually each party will provide the Tribunal or Court with final submissions on the evidence and the law. The decision on the Brisbane building dispute may take weeks or months to be delivered.

From a practical sense it is extremely difficult to be self-represented and at the same time personally provide oral evidence in the witness box. Your opponent is entitled to cross examine you and you will not have the benefit of a Lawyer helping you to respond to the cross examination.

Your prospects of success in the building dispute litigation are increased immeasurably if you are guided by someone with the technical knowledge and experience to guide you through what can be a daunting process.

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