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Lawyers Qld Pty Ltd Building and Construction Lawyers are one of Queensland’s leading Building & Construction Law Firms and have been specialising in representing clients in building disputes and against the QBCC (formerly QBSA) since 2006.

Karen Schwede is the principal of Lawyers Qld, she was admitted as an Australian Lawyer in 1988 and later worked overseas where she became qualified as a Lawyer in England, Wales and Hong Kong.  Karen has served on the Queensland Law Society’s Building and Infrastructure Committee and regularly appears for our clients in QCAT, NCAT and the Courts.  Karen personally oversees all of our Building and Construction cases.

Building & Construction Matters we can help with

Defective building work

Defective building work is something we deal with regularly.  Defective building work claims can be complicated, we can help you to (1) understand your legal rights and the time limits for making claims (2) gather technical evidence from experts to prove your claim (3) prove the reasonable cost to repair the defective building work (4) prepare and file your claim in QCAT, NCAT or the Courts (5) legally represent and support you through the legal process. Read more about how we can help you with defective building work claims.

Building Disputes

Emotions can run high in building disputes. If the building dispute involves the family home, or the Unit or Building Complex you live in it’s hard not to take the conflict personally when it affects you home life and family.  If you are a builder, contractor, or sub-contractor or the matter is a Commercial Building Dispute the financial consequences and the effect on your ability to earn a living can be devastating. We are very experienced at managing building disputes. We help clients with Master Builder’s building contract disputes, HIA Building Contract disputes, QBCC Building Contracts disputes and Australian Standard Contract Disputes. Read more about how we can help with building disputes.

Legal advice on all QBCC  matters

We routinely represent clients against the QBCC and have been doing so since 2006.  We can help with QBCC Decision Reviews, QBCC Home Warranty Claims, QBCC Licensing Issues, QBCC Audits and the QBCC Early Dispute Resolution Process.  Read more about QBCC Decision Reviews and Reviews of QBCC Directions to Rectify Defective Building Work.

Building & Construction Lawyer for Body Corporate Committees

We assist Body Corporates with all building and Construction issues we can provide legal advice on:

Our Building and Construction Law clients

We act for:

  • Contractors
  • Homeowners
  • Body Corporate Committees
  • Building Industry Professionals

We service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Regional Qld and Northern NSW.