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Representing Body Corporates, Homeowners and Contractors. Defective work & contract disputes. New Builds or renovations.

Specialist Gold Coast Building Dispute Lawyers.  Karen Schwede, the Principal of Lawyers Qld is very experienced in helping clients resolve building disputes.  She has a special blend of experience and knowledge, she became a Queensland lawyer in 1988 and has been specialising in building & construction law since 2006 and has served on the Queensland Law Society Building and Infrastructure Committee.

We act for Contractors, Home Owners and Body Corporate Committees in Gold Coast Building Disputes.  Gold Coast Building disputes are usually over defective building work, variations, progress payments or the building project taking too long.  Read more on why building disputes happen.

We can help with QBCC Building Contracts, HIA Building Contracts, Master Builders Building Contracts and Australian Standard Contracts.

If you become involved in a Gold Coast building dispute it’s important to get specialist building and construction legal advice early to avoid the building dispute escalating and to protect your legal rights.  We understand the technical, legal and contractual issues and the rights and obligations of the parties.   We can provide practical guidance every step of the way and help you understand the technical building issues by engaging building industry experts to provide reports which can later be used in Court or the QBCC Early Dispute Resolution process.

Before you can start a building claim in QCAT you must participate in the QBCC Building Dispute Resolution Process (See our building dispute page for comprehensive information on the building dispute process in Queensland.) It’s very important that you seek legal advice before you take part.  It’s  significant to be aware that the QBCC Representative is not legally qualified and can not provide you with legal advice on your legal rights.  The QBCC Representative is not allowed to take sides.  He or she is there to attempt facilitate a mediation between the parties caught up in the building dispute the process.

The object of the QBCC mediation is for the parties to move past the dispute, not to decide who is right or wrong .  That being said, if you don’t understand your legal rights, how could you possibly understand if a settlement is fair.  If you do reach some sort of agreement at QBCC mediation, and you proceed on that basis, it may later prevent you from suing in QCAT or the Courts.